So we have our what?  Here's what:

FIRST THINGS FIRST, GO TO AND INSTALL THE UPDATE IF YOU HAVE A TUNGSTEN C!!!  Click here even if you are not having any problems - you need to install this update before you can use the hospital wi-fi.

Our Warranty (if you purchased through the class deal)

The Wireless Story

Software and Accessories (Including a FREE MUSIC PLAYER, and a GREAT HARD CASE for carrying the PDA in your white coat!)

PDA Recommendations if you missed out on the order

Memory Recommendations if you missed out on the order

Not PDA stuff, but do you still need the number of the pager guy, because you deleted the 86 e-mails that went out about it?  That's ok! My new doctor-like sensitivity to the needs of the e-mail challenged tells me not to here it is: Steven Baldwin (really), at Beeper World - 1931 W. Pratt, 443-570-5299.


If you bought a Palm Tungsten C through the class deal, you will soon receive a sealed certificate with a warranty code on it.  You can then go online and activate your two year warranty (with one screen replacement).  These certificates will not be mailed, so don't worry about address issues.  We will figure out a way to get them out to everyone that does not involve all of you coming to get them...  Stay tuned.

UPDATE - the warranties are here, and in my hands... No rush with them as you can activate it anytime within this first year, but we will figure out a way to get them to everyone soon.  I will try to bring them to most class events (wing night!) as well as Dr. Warnick's event in a few weeks.


Stay the meantime, check your e-mail, and fill out the form that I sent out...

Software and Accessories:

First things first, be sure that you install all of the free software you want that came with the PDA!!!  The Tungsten C came with two CDs containing some pretty cool stuff like WorldMate and a better calculator - use that stuff!  If you were to download WorldMate on your own, it costs somewhere around $50.

As to medical stuff, there is a ton of software out there, but here are a few site with FREE programs that I have found.  As to some rather costly items like Consult and Drug programs, don't rush out to buy those...  You can always download free trials from the websites, and then figure out what you like... ANYWAY, here are some links:


HSL PDA Resources - Our very own school has a great site with some PDA info, including how to access the University's subscription to Micromedex!  This has some great stuff, and I plan on taking a closer look soon. - The MedScope PDA site, thanks to Tracy!  When we have wi-fi, you will be able to fill out evaluations on there. (A great site full of some great programs like Eponyms, PalmEKG, MedCalc and the like... There are also a ton of games on this site... I think this one is my favorite). (A lot of these cost money, but have free trials.  Don't buy anything prematurely since they are expensive.  Try stuff out first.) (Get it.  It is good.  Get the free stuff) (An excellent antibiotic guide.  At least they can do something good over there!) (A generally good resource with links to a lot of free stuff)

RealOne Player for Palm - You do need to register, but it is free!

There are also tons of other sites out there, so if there is one you recommend, please send it to me and I will add it.  This page will grow throughout the year, I'm sure.


Accessories: or for the best deal I have found so far for hard cases and screen protectors!  The first is an ebay link, and the second is a link straight to this guy's online store - you can use either... (great site from Helen Hui-Chou with the greatest retractable cable/charger I have seen yet - I got one and love it. they have lots of other great stuff too) (great site for cases and other stuff - thanks to Dr. Plaut for the link!) (always a good place to look)


Keep in mind that these recommendations were made a few months ago, before Sony discontinued its Clie line.  The Clie is still a great unit, but for the time being, Sony is not making any PDAs.  Take that as you will.  I will leave the prices on as reference.

As to warranties, we did not pay extra for the extended warranty, but if you did not buy with the class and want to buy a warranty for your PDA, there are a variety of places where you can do this for fairly cheap.  Not a bad idea. Here are a few sites from Jayson Edwards showing where you can by them:


Model Basic Stats My Take
Wi-Fi Models, Most Highly Recommended
Palm Tungsten C
320x320 display
4.8" x 3.07" x .65"
6.3 oz.



In my opinion, and in the opinion of the UMMS ITG department,  this is the best option and the UMMS "preferred device."  It has the best mix of size, battery life, and power for the price.  They keyboard wastes space in my opinion, and I would rather have the larger screen of the T3 or TH-55, but once you start to e-mail, the keyboard is very nice, and you can always write with old-school "graffiti" anywhere on the screen.  The battery is the best of the group (BY FAR - especially the best for use with wi-fi, which we will be using often next year for "Patient Keeper" - an application for patient records and scans), and this one has the best processor, along with the T3.  Take a look at the review. (Also, please note that these pictures are not totally to scale with one another - the screen here looks smaller than it really is when compared to the TH-55 picture.  This screen is the same width, but shorter, and the same size as the screen for the T3 when it is "closed" and the E.)

$330.00 (list $399, down from $499)

Sony Clie TH-55
320x480 display
4.89" x 3.0" x 0.63"
6.5 oz



This is also an excellent option, but number two by my tastes.  The screen is bigger, which is nice, but if you take a look at the review, there are a few quirks here and there.  Also, this one has half the memory of the Tungsten C, and a noticeably slower processor, making programs and even simple things like the address book run much more slowly.  Since the price is the same, I would trade the larger screen for the stability and power of the Tungsten C.  The battery life is good, but not as impressive as the Tungsten C.  This one does have a camera built in though which some may like, and you can always add a 64MB memory stick for about $49.99. (However, a 128MB card for the Palm is only $44.99 - something very serious to consider).

$360.15 (list $399)

Not Wi-Fi, Less Recommended (but good options if you don't want wi-fi for some reason or another)
Palm Tungsten E
320x320 display
4.5" x. 3.1" x  0.5"
4.6 oz



If you want a very good device that will get the job done, but won't blow anyone away, this is the Palm for you.  Very reasonably priced, and reasonably powerful, it is perfect for basic users who do not want Wi-Fi.  This is also the thinnest of the bunch.  This is the one available from AMSA, but we can get a better deal, even with all the software.


$184.80 (List $199)



One word for you: EBay!!!  EBay is by far the best place to look for good, cheap memory.  If, however, you are unfamiliar with EBay, or it makes your nervous trying to pick a trustworthy seller, you can also look at a few other sites:

If you have a Palm device, you need a "SD Card."  If you have a Sony, you need a "Memory Stick."

That's it for now!!! E-mail with any questions: